Getting the FBI Background Check

Start now. No really.

Even with the expediter ($79.99) and using Livescan to deliver the fingerprints ($39.99) turnaround time to get the FBI letter into my hands was 9 business days. Then Federal Express to Washington DC expediter to get the Apostille (otherwise 6-8 weeks). Arrives at expediter on Monday. Enters system on Tuesday AM, returned to expediter on Friday PM. Federal Express to Cyprus because the documents will not be in my hands before we fly there.  Even with the expeditors on both ends of the transaction, an FBI Background check can take 4 weeks. You cannot "save time" by having your background check sent directly to the expediter in Washington DC to be carried to the counter for the Apostille. They can't accept it. You need it sent to your attorney, who will forward it to you (or directly to the expediter), then to Washington, DC to the Department of State counter, then 3 -5 days later, back to the expediter and on to courier service.

So TL;DR Start proces…

So some things have changed...

It's been a lifetime since purchasing the dream house in Pacific Palisades and our family actually moved to the Bay Area fairly recently. We are on the road again- this time to sunny Cyprus (no not Orange County, CA) and two parents, three kids and two dogs are making the big overseas move. Our belongings are being compressed into a 20 ft container and we are going through our paperwork and checking it twice.

 Here is what we were told: · 
 All types of valid Visas: employment visa, visitor Visa, Schengen Visa, etc. 
 · University Diploma (It should be Apostilled in home country) 
 · CV in English – electronic format · Criminal Record (It should be Apostilled in home country)
 · International Passport 
 · For married: Marriage Certificate (1 per couple – Apostille) 
 · For divorced: Divorce Certificate (Apostille). 

 Needed documents for Spouses 
 · All types of valid Visas: employment visa, visitor Visa, Schengen Visa, etc. 
 · …

Where was I?

It's been a while. The kids were all enrolled in the local 900 API schools. They are responsible for getting themselves there and back by foot. We shop at the local Sunday Farmers Market, eat in the village restaurants and generally don't leave the area in a vehicle more than once a week. In all, we are happy here.

About our purchase, we were able to refinance our 2008 mortgage to a 30 year fixed 5.75% in 2011. The process was long, painful and fraught with missing or lost documents, multiple employees, 3 mergers and finally a brilliant loan officer at Surety Financial who managed to close in 45 days.

140 boxes and we are IN!

the move happened smoothly, only one vase and my camera are toast and there are a few weeks left before school. All is well.

And the fence comes DOWN!

Friday the construction fence comes down!. A new record-breaking almost whole house remodel.
We took possession in January and we are moving in in less than a week.

Our thanks to a stellar architect- Oscar McGraw who navigated the Palisades Architectural review and the city permitting process with aplomb and alacrity

and to John Byrne Construction- a general contractor with our budget and timeline firmly in mind

it has been a pleasure to work with these talented gentlemen.

Pictures coming soon.

Now I need a landscape planner to turn our new front and back yards into water-wise and properly draining beds and we will be in business!

A tub with a view

The new soaking tub roughed-in, with a view of the rooftops and telephone wires.

I'm seriously NOT complaining. This spot used to be counted as a bedroom.

House progress!

Doors and Landscaping next!